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Video – First impression Marantz Model 40n

We have had the Marantz Model 40n in our house for a week now. A “Just add Speakers” device. To give you an idea what this Marantz can do and what our first measurements show, we made a video. Note: this is not a review; it’s a first impression!

The Marantz Model 40n is an addition to the Marantz “Model” series that harkens back to the glory days of Hi-Fi. A year or so ago the Model 30 was introduced. This is not a competitor: the Model 40n is clearly a step down in price. The 40n costs 2500 Euro… as a total package. The Model 30 costs 3200 Euros per component.

Digital and Analog

The Marantz Model 40n brings besides a class A/B amplifier also a series of digital inputs, a streamer (with besides ethernet also offers 2.4 and 5 GHz wifi for connectivity), three normal analogue inputs, phono MM and a recording loop plus sub-out. Very neat.

We have already measured the Marantz; our findings can be found in the video. And if you log in, you can also view the measurements in the database (top menu).

Video first impression Marantz Model 40n

Sample video Marantz Model 40n

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