Workshop – Purifi Eigentakt EVAL1 power amplifier

In this video workshop we will assemble a Purifi Eigentakt EVAL1 amplifier. In other words, this is Purifi’s stereo power amplifier. In addition to the EVAL1 board, you will need an SMPS1200 from Hypex and a nice case. We chose the Ghent audio EVAL1 case. It looks pretty nice and is not too expensive.

Putting together your own device is incredibly satisfying. Even if it’s relatively simple, like the Purifi EVAL1 kit. All you need is a Phillips screwdriver. A pair of pointed pliers is handy and if you want to work really neat, some tape is nice too. That’s really all you need to assemble this beautiful amplifier. We are still going to judge the sound of this new generation Class D amplifier. So this is not a review of this amplifier.

Short step-by-step plan

  • Mount the backplate
  • Mount the brackets for the front plate
  • Mount the IEC
  • Connect the ground
  • Mount the indication led
  • Mount the SMPS1200
  • Set the jumpers correctly for unregulated output
  • Connect the cables to the IEC
  • connect the cable for the indication led
  • Mount the feet
  • Mount the EVAL1 amplifier
  • Mount the Speakon connectors
  • Mount the power supply cables of the EVAL1
  • Close the housing + screw down the cover
  • Mount the front plate
  • Enjoy!


Purifi EVAL1


Ghent Audio case + cables

Workshop Purifi EVAL1 power amplifier

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