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Interview Grimm Audio

Interview Grimm Audio

On Saturday, August 15, we held – live on Youtube – an interview with the gentlemen of Grimm Audio. You – as a viewer – could also ask questions via the chat. Although we had planned an hour to max 90 minutes, we hadn’t finished talking after about two hours. This because both Guido Tent and Eelco Grimm have just so much to tell! 

In this interview we talk about the start of their hi-fi hobby / passion, the first steps into the hi-fi industry, their teaching jobs and of course the start and current state of Grimm Audio as a company. That is a lot to discuss. Especially when there are two gentlemen sitting a the table with such interesting stories.

In doing so, we try to discover the essence of Grimm Audio: what keeps the ‘fire’ burning? What distinguishes the company from the rest of the brands? What makes a Grimm clock so different? Or an LS1? Or a MU1? Because let’s be honest: there are quite a few companies that make speakers: also in pro-audio. And there are also numerous pro companies that make ad/da converters for studios. Not to mention streamers. It’s a tough world!


What is striking during the interview – which certainly wasn’t mainly about products, on the contrary – is that both Eelco Grimm and Guido Tent share their knowledge. They are both teachers. Eelco at the HKU in Utrecht and Guido at the Fontys in Eindhoven. Some of the graduate students now work at Grimm Audio. That says a lot we think.

Both Eelco and Guido are proud of the team at Grimm. Without a team like this, a product like the MU1 or LS1 series would not have been possible. Different disciplines are always needed. Software, hardware, acoustics, power supply… we can go on and on.

You can check the interview in the video below. Have a lot of fun watching it!

NB: in the description on Youtube we’ve put time codes to parts of the interview!

Interview Grimm Audio – Live – 2 hours