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Preview – Video – Rotel Michi P5 and S5

Rotel Michi

Rotel Michi… …that’s a name that gives many a lover beautiful thoughts. This high-end line of Rotel in the 90’s was an answer to the established high-end order. No compromise made, beautiful finish, lots of power and of course a super high quality CD player. The series is still doing well on the 2nd hand market. But for those looking for something new: there is a new Michi! And we already discuss him on video for you.  

For now, there are three components with the Michi brand:

  • A P5 preamplifier
  • An S5 stereo power amplifier
  • An M8 mono power amplifier

The Rotel Michi P5 pre-amp costs about 3500 euros. The S5 and M8 leave the shop for about 6000 euros. In fact, the M8 is an S5 ‘switched’ to mono. The power of the M8 therefore doubles compared to the S5. We have a P5 and S5 to try out. All in all just under 10,000 euros. In the test we use our Focal Sopra No1 and the Ambre. An extensive review will follow later.

Photo’s Rotel Michi

Video Rotel Michi

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