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Review ATC SCM19 V2 monitor loudspeaker


  • Very coherent sound
  • Solidly built
  • Not difficult to place


  • No sexy looks?
  • Prijs: € 2790

    Build quality
    ATC SCM 19



    There are so many speaker brands that you must have heard once in your life. We spontaneously think of Wilson Audio, Raidho or YG Acoustics to name but a few. Another brand that absolutely belongs to the top is ATC (Acoustic Transducer Company). We have heard them at shows before and were always positively surprised. Admittedly, often the big boys are playing, but that goes for almost every brand. Today we are looking at the ATC SCM19 V2, the largest monitor in the so-called Entry series.

    This Entry series contains, besides the ATC SCM19, two other monitors, namely the SCM11 (which we tested a long time ago) and the SCM7 where the numbers always refer to the volume of the loudspeaker. Why come up with a difficult name when it’s easy for those down-to-earth Brits to think of ATC. The V2 is of course the second version where especially the tweeter got a thorough update but more about that later on. ATC has been in existence since the early 70’s and now manufactures all parts in their factory in Glouchester. They clearly have a professional background because on their site you have to choose between professional and consumer before you can continue.

    Construction and appearance

    When unpacking this sturdy monitor, not only the weight (17.8kg) is noticeable, but also the wide shape that narrows somewhat to the back. It’s just manageable to move them on your own, but it’s not very good for the lower back. Once placed on our IsoAcoustic Aperta 155 stands we notice that the ATC SCM19 really is the maximum these insulating feet can bear. We urgently need to order some larger Aperta 200’s because actually it doesn’t look that elegant.

    The veneer version (Cherry) we tested, although very well executed, doesn’t help either. We are therefore very pleased that ATC has finally released beautiful black and white versions a few years ago. An important move, in our opinion, given the fact that more and more loudspeakers end up in the (modern) living space.

    What’s ‘Entry’ to this speaker we don’t know very well because the materials used are of an exceptional level. Just the so called ‘super linear midbass driver’ is worth seeing. Inside the woofer there is an integrated 75mm soft dome to optimize the integration between both elements. This driver is held in place by a large magnet. At the top is a second soft dome tweeter of 25mm, also developed by ATC. This tweeter should keep the highest frequencies as pure as possible and ensure wide radiation. After years of research, we can already tell you, this tweeter performs excellently. We’re not going to be too technical because as they say: the proof in the pudding!

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