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Review Bryston 7B power amplifier


  • Robust looks of 19-inch version
  • Strength and suppleness
  • Sound quality
  • Price-performance
  • 20-year transferable guarantee


  • Substantial investment
  • 17-inch version lacks the premium look
  • Prijs: € 14990

    Build quality


    Recently, your editor has had a painful breakup. Despite it being a clean break without words or nasty quarrels, it has caused financial worries and sleepless nights. The music was just gone. What has the Bryston 7B3 power amplifiers have to do with this? And what’s the role of the traditional Dutch syrup waffle? Well, we are happy to explain that to you.

    The life of a hi-fi journalist can sometimes take a strange turn. Sometimes even several twists and turns in a row, so that a more turbulent character can be attributed to the situation. It’s no big deal and the tears are not that bad in the end. We believe. What’s going on now? Your editor recently got a nasty divorce and, believe us, it hurts. Partly because of this it has been quiet for a while around yours truly. The feeling of trust had to be regained and the music in life had to be recovered at all costs. Where did it all go so terribly wrong and why was a sticky wafer the cause of all this? Let’s start at the beginning.

    Friday morning

    It can happen to an editorial staff that on a good Friday morning ‘out of the blue’ an importer knocks on the door for a cup of coffee. And the importer in question often comes in with a pack of syrup waffles. While enjoying this sticky delicacy, a wide range of topics are usually discussed. Recently one of the topics was our loyal Bryston 4B3 (pronounced: four-bee Cubed). Although we are certainly pleased with the ‘4’ we have been wondering for some time how it relates to the other Bryston amplifier line-up and bring this up for discussion. The importer suggests that we review a Bryston 14B3. And this is, of course, dangerous on several fronts.

    Since a 14B3 is not ideal for the condition of our soft spine due to its high weight, we propose to review two 7B3 monoblocks. The importer agrees. As the importer does not have these in stock, they have to be ordered in Canada. So said and so done. A few weeks later, the importer, accompanied by a Canadian twin (and a pack of syrup waffles) walks into the newsroom. Not much later we end up in a shameless unpacking frenzy.

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