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Review Definitive Technology D15 loudspeaker


  • Fine sound
  • Beautiful design
  • Suitable for music and film


  • Not super precise
  • Not completely neutral
  • Prijs: € 3398

    Build quality
    Definitive Technology D15


    The Definitive Technology Demand D15 is an excellent all-round floor stand. The speaker has a mild sound character. The bass is full, generous but not woolly or abundant. The midrange is a bit tame and the trebble is open and sparkling. The loudspeaker effortlessly plays all genres. Metal and rock feel at home as well. In the cinema we notice that the Demand D15 feels like a fish in the water. The D15 puts there a great and dynamic reproduction. For 3398 euros per set you get a pleasant all-rounder in the house.

    For whom?

    Definitive Technology D15

    For whom is the Definitive Technology Demand D15 suitable? We think of people who are looking for a decent all-rounder. In fact, the D15 likes everything and will also please listeners who like some rock and metal. The mild middle area and solid foundation certainly contribute to this. It’s a forgiving speaker for that matter.

    The downside – if you can call it a downside – is that there is a ceiling of transparency and ‘level’. The difference between our reference set and cinema was not world-shattering. With some models it is very audible. Think of the Revel who really grew with the set. But yes: every advantage ‘has its disadvantage’.

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