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Review – Devialet Phantom Gold for 50 euros

Prijs: € 50

Xielierlike Fake Phantom Speaker

Everything is for sale. And if you want a Devialet Phantom Gold for, but don’t have 3000 euros, you can of course buy one for 50 euros. Isn’t that right? Sure. In China, yes. We order a ‘Golden Speaker – High Power’ in China and wait a month… And another week. Just before Christmas he falls on the doormat.

It’s pretty special what you can find online. A Phantom Gold for 50 euros – 49.90 dollars – iPhone cables for less than 1 dollar… action figures for an apple and an egg… or less. Anything. But as Arjan Lubach reported in his Sunday show… what you see, is not what you get. Do we happen to shoot?


It’s predictable, of course. For 50 euros (by the way, we paid another 50 euros for the import) you simply can’t buy a Devialet Phantom Gold. Not even a slightly worse version. I just can’t. So it doesn’t come close either. But it’s even worse than we think. The thing just shrunk gigantic along the way. Our ‘Golden Egg’ speaker is the size of a computer mouse. And that while on Xielierlike’s website you can see a Phantom on one foot. And as specifications: exactly the same. Now we don’t expect that… but a speaker the size of a mouse… we didn’t foresee that either.

100 euro for junk

It’s really pretty bizarre how Xielierlike makes you think you’re buying a Devialet Phantom Gold. Every video on the website contains the real Phantom. They also come with features that are not at all possible: stereo pairing…. i can’t. Streaming… is not possible (only via bluetooth of course).

“The Best Wireless Speaker in the World”… sure… Everything on this website is misleading or just not true. Crooks.

Fact is, the Xielierlike is junk. Just junk. Fake… bad… itch. Junk. Period. Don’t buy it. For considerably less than 100 euros you can buy an excellent jBL bluetooth speaker if you are looking for such a solution. Or look in the marketplace for a decent 2nd hand amplifier and a pair of speakers of a few tens. We bet that sounds better.

Now we can only laugh hard afterwards. It’s just too bizarre for words that people can do this. Selling something for some money. And then deliver something completely different. But the fact that they do, knowing that people will never get their money back, is terrible. We should actually come up with some kind of Award for these kinds of products and parties. If you have any ideas, let me know.

For now: enjoy the video!

Video review Devialet Phantom Gold Fake

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