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Review Dynaudio Emit 10 bookshelf speaker – Enthusiastic entry-level speaker



  • Suitable for many genres of music
  • Lots of texture and substantial sound
  • Plays detailed, with enthusiasm and power
  • Larger image than expected


  • Could be more dynamic with movies
  • With busy music somewhat messy

Price: € 364,50 each

Build quality


Bookshelfs. We love them at Alpha AUdio. Not surprisingly, we immediately say “Yes” when the Danes ask us to review and listen to The Dynaudio Emit 10. It’s the new entry-level speaker brand from Denmark. But don’t be fooled by the asking price of just under 750 euros per pair without stands and just over 1000 euros with stands. The Dynaudio Emit 10 is simply a full-fledged Danish quality product. Let us explain why

The Dynaudio Emit 10 is a 2 way dynamic speaker that gets much of its technology from the mostly more expensive Confidence, Contour and Evoke series. The speaker is available in black satin, white satin and walnut wood vinyl. In terms of styling, the speakers are subtle and designed to blend nicely into a Scandinavian interior. The series consists of 5 speakers, first the smallest the Emit 10 that we are reviewing today, the Emit 20 bookshelf, emit 25c (center channel), emit 30 (floorstander 2.5 way) and emit 50 (floorstander 3 way).

In our ‘test sample’ Dynaudio Emit 10, there is an updated dual flared port at the rear that should realize a tighter bass in particular. The speaker binding posts stand out in a positive way, they look nice and massive and feel solid; very nice! The renewed “Cerotar” tweeter from the Evoke series has a 28mm soft dome tweeter with special coating and “hexis inner dome”. Where the hex inner dome is mainly to filter out unwanted resonances from the tweeter. This ensures – as it should be – a smoother reproduction. And that prevents fatigue when listening for a long time.

The midrange/woofer is made of a one-piece MSP (magnesium silicate polymer) where we worked on not making the material too light, not too thick and not too stiff, but finding a nice balanced middle ground. Advantages should be less coloration in the reproduction and a more pure result ‘overall’. All in all these are beautiful speakers to look at and give a feeling of quality.

Winkels met Dynaudio

Schoenmakersstraat 19
6041EX Roermond, NL
St. Ceciliastraat 28
5038 HA Tilburg, NL
Geldropseweg 105
5611 SE Eindhoven, NL
Korevaarstraat 2 e-f
2311 JS Leiden, NL
Theresiastraat 151 - 157
2593 AG Den Haag, Noord Holland, NL
Beethovenstraat 9-b
1077 HL Amsterdam, Noord Holland, NL