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Review Grimm Audio SQM balanced interlink



  • Sounds very neutral...
  • And open...
  • And fluent


  • No...
  • Unless you like to dress up

Price: € 447

Build quality
Grimm SQM


Grimm Audio is best known for its LS1 loudspeaker line. We already have reviews of these active speakers. But perhaps you did not know that Grimm Audio also has a few clocks in the product range. And recently launched the MU-1 streamer… and a new, high-quality interlink. We test this last one: the SQM

Grimm Audio is a typical studio brand. At least: the roots are in the studio. Certainly the clocks are focused on studio use. And the original LS1 as well. Later on, a new version, with MFB woofer and a beryllium tweeter, was added. And recently an ‘a’ version for the slightly less wealthy.

The MU-1 streaming bridge was launched very recently. Almost simultaneously with this Grimm Audio SQM interlink. The successor to the TPM. And as befits straight forward brands, the name says what it is. TPM stands for Twisted Pair. And SQM stands for Star Quad. In short: the structure of the cable has changed slightly.


If we read through the site of Grimm, we see that the M stands for Master. With TPR, the R stands for recording. So with SQM, the M stands for Star Quad Master.

According to Grimm, a rigid quad design is even better able to counter magnetic reactions in the cable. Combine that with Grimm’s way of counteracting microphonics – including the use of carbon – and optimal shielding. They are able to create a cable that must be perfectly capable of sending a signal without distortion from A to B. You can read on the next page whether this is really the case.