Sunday, December 10, 2023
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Review Kaempfer Audio Design K7 active speakers



  • A balanced system
  • Pure sound
  • Power


  • Limited choice in WISA preamplifiers
  • Level speakers require a quality streamer

Price: € 14950

Build quality


The KAD K7 are active speakers from the Netherlands. You can hear them in our livestream about active systems. They stood out in the livestream for the realistic reproduction of voices and the stability of the stereo image. Now let’s take a closer look!

It would be an injustice to the speakers if this review was only about voice reproduction, but it is undeniably an aspect that stands out in a positive sense. At the very least, it invites vocal fireworks as well as small hushed songs from the music collection.

They are two hefty towers standing in the room, also because each speaker has 7 units: five at the front and two at the back. As a result, they are also deep. The tweeter is placed in the center at ear height in a d’Appolito arrangement with units above and below it, which results in the speakers being relatively tall.

The cabinets are nicely made, with a white finish on the front and top and fine bamboo wood on the sides and back. They look sleek and modern.

The K7 speakers have a lot of power on board and it shows. Quite a bit of sound pressure can be built up, even to the point that the light, hanging from three steel wires on the ceiling in your author’s living room, was set in motion!  They are unprecedentedly fast speakers. Rhythm and pulses, it’s all there immediately. That also works the other way, tones also die out quickly.

The design is aimed at minimizing the influence of the environment and bringing the sound towards the listener as much as possible. In addition to the d’Appolito arrangement, the front and rear woofer units ensure that the bass of the speakers is directed towards the listener in a cardioid radiation pattern (just like the Dutch & Dutch and KII Three). The funny effect is that when you stand behind the speakers the bass sound almost disappears. This reduces unwanted reflections so that the bass can be heard clearly and with a lot of definition.