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Review MOON Voice 22 monitor speaker



  • Relaxed playback
  • Looks neat
  • Places easily in a room


  • High gloss stains quickly
  • Light tuning?

Price: € 3000

Build quality


A MOON speaker? Yep… we too had to take a closer look. We know the Canadian brand MOON mainly from amplifiers, dacs and, for example, phono preamplifiers. But a loudspeaker? The question is of course whether MOON as an “electronics manufacturer” can make a decent loudspeaker. After all, a Dutch saying says: cobbler stick to your last…. We’ll take a look and listen!

We’re going to repeat ourselves when we say that we at Alpha Audio are fans of 2-way monitor speakers. The purity, openness, speed and “correctness” is wonderful. Maintaining those qualities in a large 3- or 4-way speaker is tricky and therefore expensive. So MOON does well to start small and, if successful, possibly invest further in larger models. If that is the plan anyway.

Black and white

The MOON Voice 22 comes in two colors: high gloss black and high gloss white. The finish of this compact monitor is definitely neat, Even with the pair price of 3000 Euro in mind. Now every enthusiast knows that high gloss / piano black is very sensitive to greasy fingers and other dirt. So for the pictures we have polished a lot to keep it clean. This will be less with white; slightly less noticeable mirror effect.

The two units – 29mm soft dome and a 155mm mid-woofer (polypropylene) – sit neatly inside the speaker. The crossover is at 1500 Hz, which is fairly on the low side. Perhaps the relatively large tweeter allows for that.

The nominal impedance is 6 ohms. We were unfortunately not able to do an impedance measurement this time; the loan period was a bit short and we had our hands pretty full at the time of review. We did make the other measurements. You can see those below and in the “specs-tab”.

Of course, the MOON Voice 22 comes with faceplates. Those who do not want to see screws can put these on; they are magnetic which makes placement very easy.

What is very nicely done is the base of the speaker. If you put the MOON Voice 22 on a cabinet, you don’t have to do anything: there is already a neat, dampening underside on which to place the speaker. However, this can be removed. Then it creates a notch that again fits exactly on a tripod (made by Target). So you can immediately place the MOON Voice 22 firmly and straight on a tripod. Very innovative! By the way, the stand can be filled with sand to make it heavier and damp some resonances. We always recommend that; it always sounds better than an ’empty’ one.

By the way, MOON has applied – according to them – something unique internally: Curved Groove Damping. In strategic places, the panels are reinforced and provided with wavy grooves, filled with damping material. This should prevent resonances. And that in turn should ensure a cleaner reproduction.


It will come as no surprise that the Voice 22 is tuned to MOON equipment. The ACE fits nicely into this price range. Importer More Music therefore supplied the Voice 22 along with the MOON ACE all-in-one. This compact amplifier, dac, streamer costs about 4100 Euros, bringing the total to about 7000 Euros. With stands and a decent speaker cable about 8000 Euro. A serious amount of money for which you may expect something…. More on that later.

We connected the MOON ACE to the network and logged into ROON. That went off without a hitch. The integration is nicely done; all the information shows up nicely on the display. Think artist, title, samplerate and volume. The volume control does not – yet? – work with a slider but with the + and -. This is a small point that MOON still needs to work on. Other than that, it just works very well. Definitely an added value.

Type test
Single Test
Speaker class
Monitor - bookshelf
Speaker type
Speaker system
Bass reflex
Signal control
Frequency range
55 Hz - 24000 Hz
89 dB
6 Ohm
  • Width: 30 cm
  • Depth: 29 cm
  • Height: 35 cm
Weight speaker
11 Kg
Production country
MOON - decay
MOON - decay
MOON - perceptual distortion
MOON - perceptual distortion
MOON - simultanious distortion - off axis
MOON - simultanious distortion - off axis
MOON - simultanious distortion
MOON - simultanious distortion
MOON - impulse response
MOON - impulse response
MOON - off axis - 1 meter - response
MOON - off axis - 1 meter - response
MOON - recht - 1m - 3ms window
MOON - recht - 1m - 3ms window
MOON - response - full window
MOON - response - full window

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