Triple Test – Hypex Nilai – Purifi Eigentakt Eval1 – ICEpower 700AS2

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On Sunday, January 30, 2023, we held our first livestream of the year. And it was an interesting one; not that the other livestreams are not interesting by the way. We put three new generation Class D amplifiers side by side to determine how far Class D is now. Spoiler... it's getting damn good! Class D is not very popular with many purist enthusiasts. Class D is - they say - sharp, sterile, harsh.... just like digital audio. That also sounds flat and harsh. Right? Well... make no mistake. Both digital audio and Class D have made huge strides in...
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Tested price range
Price cheapest product: €849
Price most expensive product: €1600
Sound Samples
  • Brand and model: Hypex Nilai
  • Build quality:
  • Overall impression:
  • Price: €1500
  • Brand and model: Purifi Eigentakt
  • Build quality:
  • Overall impression:
  • Price: €1600
  • Brand and model: ICEpower 700AS2
  • Build quality:
  • Overall impression:
  • Price: €849