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First Look – Primare A35.8 multichannel power amplifier

We have the Primare eight-channel A35.8 in our listening room. A beast of a power amplifier. 8 x 150 watts into 8 Ohms! Or if you go to bridge mode: more than 600 watt per bridged channel (check our review for more specs). An unprecedented amount of power. We tell you a little more about Primare and this device

Primare is a wonderful Swedish company that develops and manufactures its equipment in Sweden. Their approach is very solid: take a decent, fast and powerful power supply and build the device around it. We like that.

This brand new eight-channel power amplifier is also developed that way. In this video we give you a first look. What is it, what can it do and how are we going to test it?

First look: Primare A35.8 power amplifier

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