Full presentation Guido Tent – Grimm Audio (Dutch!)

Last Friday and the weekend that followed, iEAR organized a number of nice demos in its Tilburg location. Laurence Dickie from Vivid Audio and Guido Tent set up some great products to play some great music ánd tell you about it. We have immortalized the presentations for you in some 1’s and 0’s

Guido Tent talks about the Grimm Audio LS1be and the MU-1. He covers both what digital processing is all about, what the benefits are (and the challenges) and also explains what acoustics can do to a musical signal. It is interesting reading for those who want to stay up to date. What’s fair: what seemed impossible ten years ago is now possible…. we now have new insights into what is important in music reproduction. We have recorded and edited the presentation for you so that it is one story. Enjoy!

Presentation Guido Tent – Grimm Audio

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