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How does a power cable work? Presentation Shunyata Research

Brandon - Shunyata Research

Power… current… energy. It remains a difficult subject in our industry. Especially when it comes to the influence of mains cabling. Because power is power. Isn’t that right? And a good power filters out all the mess, right? Brandon Lauer of Shunyata Research explains their approach to energy and energy processing. His story contains both a piece of theory and moments of listening as well as practical tips. Have fun watching!

We drive to Utrecht on Sunday to attend the presentation of Shunyata at Hifi Studio Wilbert. We are curious what their vision is on the power supply of audio equipment. Founder Caelin Gabriel is a scientist who worked in low level signal aquisitions during the Cold War. In other words: he had to remove noise and make sure that small signals could be read. Shunyata now uses these insights and techniques in its power products.

When his employment was over, he continued as a citizen in the digital world and later started his own company: Shunyata Research. Shunyata makes both filters and cables. And even products for the medical world. Please note that Shunyata does not use coils, capacitors or resistors for filtering. They use alternative materials and techniques that Brandon explains in the video. They never filter serial either. Always parallel. This is to maintain dynamics and punch.

Are you interested in the operation and influence of power products? Check the video below.

Video Shunyata Research – Power Cables

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