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Sample Test – Denafrips Terminiator Plus – Venus II – Ares II

Some images don’t need any textual clarification; just some music. Our goal is to make samples of as many products as possible. Purely because in our opinion it can be fun and useful to just listen to equipment. This time: three dacs from Denafrips. The Terminator Plus, Venus II and Ares II. Of course connected to our reference system: the Focal Sopra No1 and the Pass Labs with Bryston combination. Some advice: put on good headphones for best results.


  • Steven Wilson – Perfect Life
  • Jaques Loussier – Little Fuge in G Minor

Equipment used:

  • Focal Sopra No1
  • Pass Labs XP-12
  • Bryston 4B SST3
  • Metrum Acoustics Ambre
  • Mutec MC3+ reclocker
  • Driade Flow speaker cable
  • Grimm TPR AES digital interlink
  • Grimm TPM interlinks

Used recording equipment.

  • Red TF-5 (Matched Pair)
  • Grace M108 microphone pre-amp – DANTE
  • Grimm TPR signal cables

Sample Test – Denafrips Terminator Plus – Venus II – Ares II

Samples Denafrips Terminator Plus

Samples Denafrips Venus II

Samples Denafrips Ares II


  1. Seriously: Who in the world would prefer the seriously inferior spdif connection (in any of its variants) over i2s (HDMi/RJ-45) ?? In any priced DAC, let alone one at this price/sophistication.

    ” ..” The Denafrips Terminator Plus … connectivity. We see – besides I2S via a hdmi connector – two additional I2S inputs via an Ethernet connector (RJ45).

    ‘ …We do miss bnc. Too bad, because we guess that more people would rather have a bnc connection than three I2S connections”.

    If your “guess” is right -that’s very unfortunate.

    pete jasz

    1. I2S is definately a vey nice connection. It is an Inter IC Sound connection though. It is not meant as an external connection. But honestly: there are ways to get it working in a decent way.

      What I meant in the review is that three I2S connections are not necessary. We – and I guess a lot of people / users – would rather have 2 (HDMI + RT45) and a BNC connection. Then you have all connections.

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