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Home Multitest – Streamers up to 1000 Euro – With bonus!

Multitest – Streamers up to 1000 Euro – With bonus!

Streamer Shootout


On Saturday, April 29, we checked out four very nice streamers for you: the Yamaha WXC-50, Audiolab 7000N Play, FIIO R7 and the Volumio Primo. And as a bonus, we threw in a power supply upgrade. We write up the test for you here as well as show you some measurements on the streamers.

A poll on our Patreon page quickly showed the need for a multi test of streamers in the class up to 1000 Euro. And that is not surprising: around that price you can get some serious quality. However, we find the choice of streamers with dac very limited in that price range. We have therefore created a bit of a “staircase” test: an affordable Yamaha WXC-50, the new Audiolab 7000N Play and FIIO R7 and the now famous Volumio Primo. On the Primo we are going to do another power supply upgrade.

The test setup

Watch the stream

Type test
Production country
  Yamaha WXC-50
  • Build: Neat. Especially considering the price
  • Sound: Calm, neutral, relaxed
  • Imaging: Tad small, but sleek
  • Overall: Neat and widely applicable. Excellent price
  • Price: 449
  Audiolab 7000N
  • Build: Nice, basic
  • Sound: Rhythmic, tight, insightful
  • Imaging: Fairly large. Solid focus
  • Overall: DTS PlayFi is not pleasant. But the sound is good!
  • Price: 649
  • Build: Very nice
  • Sound: Detailed, tad dry
  • Imaging: Ambiance well audible. Tight in focus
  • Overall: Very flexible product. Beautifully made.
  • Price: 749
  Volumio Primo
  • Build: Playfull, neat
  • Sound: Pleasant, smooth, large
  • Imaging: Large!
  • Overall: Very fine streamer. Very affordable and upgradable
  • Price: 799

Winkels met Audiolab

Schoenmakersstraat 19
6041EX Roermond, NL
Binnenwatersloot 30
2611 BK Delft, Zuid Holland, NL

Winkels met Yamaha

Sint-Antoniusstraat 15
2300 Turnhout, BE
Joseph Bensstraat 21
1180 Ukkel, BE
Bredabaan 1031
B-2930 Brasschaat, BE
Pelikaanstraat 126
2018 Antwerpen, BE


  1. Very nice comparison, and I know you can’t compare all streamers in this price category. However I must admit I was a little disappointed to first see my streamer in the list to be tested (cambridge CXN v2) and then noticed it wasn’t present anymore when I sat down to listen to the shootout. Still curious how it would have compared, just like the Innuos ZENmini MK3 which I also have (or the more recent model the Innuos Pulsemini). Maybe in a future test after all you like doing mega tests :-). Like the recent excellent bookshelf speaker test. In any case succes in future shootouts!

  2. Hey Rico!

    You know you can switch languages with the language-flag in the menu? :-).

    The Node n130 is somewhere in the middle, I think. The Volumio wins, we know for a fact. I don’t know the Node X yet. Maybe I will get a sample.

  3. Hello Alpha

    Would have like 2 see the bluesound node n130 between these streamers. Curious how it would compare.

    I ordered the new node X, hopefully 🤞 it has the same powerboard, so I could change it and hook up the sBooster. Pretty interesting product, new DAC an pretty 🤩