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Review Dynaudio Emit 50 floor stand – roaring giant



  • Rhythmic character
  • Goes really deep
  • Pleasant and large stereo image


  • Acoustics and placement important
  • Amplifier with some power desired

Price: € 1998 per paar

Build quality



Recently, your author had the Dynaudio Emit 10 at home. And it was a delightful experience. The Emit 10 plays remarkably complete and is easy to place and drive. Now it’s time for its bigger brother…. well… brother… it’s more like a giant. The Emit 50 is big. Very big. But as you know, dimensions don’t say everything. Let’s dive into the world of this hefty floorstander from Denmark: the Dynaudio Emit 50.

Of course, the Dynaudio Emit 50 and Emit 10 share a lot of similarities. If you would like to know more about the ’10’, we would like to refer you to our test. The Emit 50 is a full-fledged, three-way floorstander which makes for a very rich experience. But it also makes sure you pay attention to a few things. In particular, placement. But first let’s dive into some specifications.

Construction Emit 50

Dynaudio firmly states that “the hi-fi journey begins with Emit”. That’s quite a statement. Although we must say: since Dynaudio basically builds every speaker the same way – equal units and equal philosophy – there is some truth in that. During our trip to Dynaudio’s factory, we heard that an “entry-level” speaker exhibits a similar signature to the big high-end models. That’s impressive.

The Dynaudio Emit 50 for example, just like the more expensive models, has a Cerotar tweeter, an MSP woofer and midrange which is also used in other models (though with tighter tolerances) and a precision, hybrid crossover filter where Dynaudio applies a 1st order for the tweeter (6dB), a second order for the midrange (12dB) and fourth order for the woofer (24dB). In short: everything that is important for a precision reproduction is in the Emit.

The cabinet is made with 18mm MDF, cushioned with polyester and neatly laminated in a color of your choice. Now the Emit 50 is a very hefty speaker, based on a bass reflex system. The ports are at the rear. Ports? Yes; we see two. If you use a somewhat smaller room for listening, we’d rather recommend a size smaller, because this ’50 can build up a lot of energy, as we quickly find out.

Test system

We listened to the Emit 50 in two situations. First at Wouter’s home and a second session in the Alpha Audio listening room. At Wouter’s home it was tested on the Rega Brio receiving signal from a Bluesound Node (2021 model). Cables and power supply are from Supra.

In the Alpha Audio listening room it was tested on the reference system consisting of a Pass Labs XP12 preamplifier, X150.8 power amplifier / Primare A35.8 power amplifier (in bridge mode) and a Sonnet Pasithea or Grimm UC1. As a source, the Alpha AudioPC was used. A different system, but more importantly a different room.

Winkels met Dynaudio

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