Triple Test bookshelf speakers – 1000 Euro – Sonus Faber – Focal – Elac

Price: € 1000


On Sunday, March 27, we tested three impressive pairs of bookshelfs live for you. We also measured them and combined them with three amplifiers. This is to paint a complete picture. It was therefore a somewhat complex live stream, but certainly interesting. At least, that’s what we thought, because the results were surprising. Why? Welll… Read on!

The price range of 1000 Euros is interesting according to reactions and our statistics. And that is not surprising; the quality increase in that segment is signifcant, but the costs remain somewhat within limits. Go figure: a NuPrime IDA-8 with a few monitors and stands still remains under 3000 euros. However, you do have a very nice hi-fi system!

Want to know which d / a converter in that class is interesting? Check out our 1000 Euro dac test. And if you are looking for an amplifier in that class: here we have tested a whole bunch.

The three candidates

In this live triple test we compared a couple of interesting monitor speakers. They are the Focal Aria 906, the Elac UBR62 and the Sonus Faber Luminia II. Three pairs around 1000 euros (without stands). We then connect these to three amplifiers: the NuPrime IDA-8, the Yamaha A-S2200 and the Pass Labs XP-12 with X150.8 (review to follow). The latter doesn’t make any sense, of course, but yes: it’s fun.

The rest of the system consists of:

Watch the live stream


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